EmpoweredCollege Students

Meet our scholars:

We are currently empowering 6 young women and helping make their dreams come true by providing scholarships to cover their college tuition costs.  Their annual tuition costs are listed below their bio’s. 

Unlike the United States, in Nepal their are no Pell grants, no government student loans, no merit scholarships and no athletic scholarships.  You can help by making a donation to help with college tuition for these ladies and the many others that we want to help.  

Kopila Gautam

Tribhuvan University

Kopila Gautam was left at the OCRC orphanage when she was 6 years old. Her mother had died, and her father was not able to care for her. Her favorite subject is math, she likes children, her favorite animal is the horse and she love visiting new places. She just finished up her 10+2 at Lincoln College and passed her university entrance exams and will be studying for a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) at Tribhuvan University.

Tuition and book costs =  $500/year 


Lincoln University

Manju heading off to her colleges classes in her new uniform provided by donors to Empowering Opportunities. Donors that want to help Manju succeed in life through education.

Manju attended at Lincoln College (affiliated with Tribhuvan University) studying Business Science.  Manju is now married and is no longer in college.  Manju is the one responsible for us creating Empowering Opportunities – thank you Manju!

Saraswati Basnet

Tribhuvan University

Saraswati received her Bachelors in Business Science (BBS) from the Gandhi Campus of Tribhuvan University.   She finished an internship at a local bank in Kathmandu and is now working in banking.  She is very active in one of the LEO Clubs in Kathmandu continuing her efforts of reaching out and helping others.

Sonu Adhikary

Chitwan Medical College

Sonu Adhikary just finished her 3rd year at Chitwan Medical College. Out of 125 medical students, and only 30 women, Sonu is ranked in the top 10 of all students in her class! And to think she was going to give up on her dreams when she did not get accepted several years ago and could not afford to go to medical school even if she did get in.

Well done Sonu – keep up the magnificent work!

Tuition and book costs = $9,000/year

Junu Acharya

Tribhuvan University

Junu grew up in southeastern Nepal in the town of Jhapa. Her father is a farmer and she has 2 younger sisters. She worked in her father’s fields and still found time to work to save money for a B.B.S. in business studies.

Junu now lives at the Lawa Prasad Bal Ghira orphanage outside Kathmandu to help a relative with the children. She wakes up at 5:00 a.m. and leaves by bus for college at ~5:30 each morning and returns around noon to cook, clean and help the children with their studies. After putting them to bed at night she works on her own studies and homework.  Junu is enrolled in a M.B.M. at the Shankar Dev Campus of Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu.

Tuition and book costs = $500/year

Bhagawata Panthi

Tribhuvan University

Bhagawata is from the western part of Nepal in the remote area of Chhatradev of Arghakhanchi District. Her family was affected by the Maoist war during the conflict period and her older sister was taken hostage and held for ransom. She has 2 sisters and a brother.  They got her sister back and fled the village to save their lives during the conflict period.  Her father, Gopal, is a teacher, social worker and the founder President of the Rotary Club of Arghakhanchi. Bhagawata loves science and in the Spring 2018 begin her studies for a B.Sc. in Geology and Natural Resources at the Trichandra Campus of Tribhuvan University.

Tuition and book costs = $750/year


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