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Empowering Youth

Since 2015, Empowering Opportunities has been helping orphans and other marginalized and under-resource youth pay for college education costs in the Kathmandu Valley.     More recently, EO has identified potential students in eastern and western Nepal in need of financial support to make their educational dreams come true.  

The yearly cost for each student that attends government schools (Class 1 – 10) is ~$50.  For private school that cost is ~$250/child.    We would like to help more children but we need your help!  

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College Students

A primary focus of Empowering Opportunities is to help girls and young women receive a college/university education through financial support of tuition, books and higher education fees.  As they receive a higher education degree, their opportunities for higher paying jobs increases and they are in a better position to fill government jobs and help Nepal with gender equity challenges.    

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Rural Schools

The Himalayan Times (Nov 21, 2017) 

A total of 7,923 schools were destroyed by the 2015 earthquakes and ~8,500 individuals lost their lives.  Of the 7,923 schools destroyed in 2015, there are 5,223 schools still waiting reconstruction.  Students of these schools (~975,000 students) are studying in 12,000 temporary learning centers, which lack even the simple amenities of classrooms.  

Partnering with the Rotary Club of Fort Collins – After Work Club, we have assisted with the rebuilding of 4 schools in rural Nepal.   We provide educational supplies (books, pen, pencils, stationary, etc) to the students on an annual basis.  

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