EO is working with the Fort Collins Rotary After Work Club (RAW) to empowering women in Nepal.  RAW  has been involved in supporting women’s empowerment centers (WEC’s) in Nepal since 2010. Empowering Opportunities partners with RAW in providing support for sewing instructors, supplies and even sewing machines for graduates.

These WEC are located in Kathmandu, Haibarbesi, and Sindhuli and provide training in basic sewing techniques using pedal sewing machines.  A variety of products (clothing, school uniforms, reusable sanitary pads, etc) are made by the graduates once they go back to their village and set up their own sewing business. 

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The Fort Collins Rotary After Work Club has built a number of Women’s Empowerment Center in Nepal, one of those was at the Navajyoti Deaf School in Sindhuli.   Deaf adults come to the government deaf school for 6 months and learn better communication through sign language and also how to sew using pedal sewing machines. 

EO has provided funding for the sewing instructors and also for a “graduation package” for each student that includes a pedal sewing machine, extra bobbins, scissors, and 5000 NRu (~$50 USD) for cloth).  A total investment of ~$250 USD allows these women to start their own business back in their community.  

For a student

high school
for a month

Sewing machine
for a women

For a year

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