Learn About These Schools:

In partnership the Fort Collins Rotary After Work Club, EO has been worked to rebuild schools destroyed by the 2015 earthquake and to provide school supplies to the students in these rural areas.  These schools and villages include:

  • Setidevi School – Kisine Village (Ramechhap District)
  • Siddheswor Aadharbhut School – Hattitar Manthali Village (Ramechhap District)
  • Deuralitar Village School (Sindhuli District)

Setidevi School in the Kisine Village, Ramechhop District, Nepal

The Fort Collins Rotary After Work Club rebuilt the Kisine Village school in 2016 that had been destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes.  Students were studying in inadequate classroom structures like the one show above.   Approximately 900,000 students throughout Nepal are still studying in these types of structures because ~5,000+ schools are still waiting to be rebuilt.

Most of the villages  lost their home and the school was destroyed. Eleven (11) people lost their life many were injured.  The school was closed for seven months.  The village is mostly made up of lower caste families.  

There are 125 families that live in the Kisine Village and 97 students attend the school in Class k – 5 and walk up to 2 hours from surround villages as well to attend the school.  

EO provides educational supplies, to these students as well as uniform scholarships and required school fees so all students in this village can attend school.

Siddheswor Aadharbhut School – Hattitar Manthali Village in Ramechhop District 

In 2017, EO working with the Fort Collins Rotary After Work Club of Ft. Collins, Colorado rebuilt this rural school in the Ramechhop District of Nepal.  The 2015 earthquakes damaged four rooms in the school. Six students and 8 family members lost their lives in this natural disaster.  In addition, 27 students lost their fathers during the internal war of Nepal (Maoist Insurgency). There are 119 students from nursery to Class 5 attending the school.  They were forced to study in a temporary school building and in open spaces.  A total of 79 family members in the village have children that attend the school.  The reconstructed school building is also  used by the villagers for cooperative meetings and as temporary shelter for natural disasters. 

Deuralitar (Jhagarpur) Village School in the Sindhuli District 

The Rotary Club of Ft. Collins After Work first rebuilt on of the classrooms at this school back in 2013.  This was the first school rebuilt by our Rotary Club.  At that time ~60 students attended the school and most were boys.  Many older girls stay at home to help with choirs (caring for younger children, working in the fields, cooking, cleaning, etc).  Also girls did not attend school during their menstrual cycle since they have no sanitary hygiene products other than rags, and there were no bathrooms at the school. 

Immediately after the 2015 earthquakes this renovated school building, which was not damaged, was used as an emergency medical clinic and villagers from many surrounding communities came here for medical help. 

A second school room was renovated after the earthquakes and a toilet was installed for the girls and sanitary hygiene products (reusable sanitary pads) are provided to the girls which are made by a women’s empowerment center.  Today, over 150 students attend this school and I am happy to say that most of them are girls.  EO continues to strive for gender equity not only with our college students but especially for our rural students.