Empowering Opportunities works with other non-profit organizations to further leverage our donor support and to reach more children in need.  We work with organizations in the United States including Rotary Clubs, Rotaract, Interact, high schools and middle schools. 

In Nepal we are registered with several government agencies.  EO works with members of  Rotary and LEO Clubs in Nepal as well as other non-profits including the Didi Foundation, LEAD Nepal, and others to better serve children in need.  

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The Fort Collins Rotary After Work (RAW)  Club has been a major partner in supporting children in Nepal.   Dave and June (EO Co-founders) are Rotarians and members of RAW.  RAW has funded projects in Nepal totaling over $85,000.  RAW has rebuilt 4 rural schools destroyed by the 2015 earthquakes.  EO helps to provide school supplies and educational support to students in these schools.  A win:win partnership for the rural children and orphans of Nepal. 

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